Project Role Model "Images of You" Fashion Program & Arts Program


Most kids already know what they want to be at a young age. Some have dreams to be firemen, police officers, presidents and princesses. Then, there are those who have a passion for fashion and they dream of becoming designers or models. These dreams don't have to wait until they're older. The Sapphire Butterflies Organization will offer kids' a fashion program whether your son and/or daughter want to explore the inner workings of the fashion business or this program will teach it all. This program will also teach culinary arts, party planning, drama, praise dance, lyrical  and ballet. Classes start will resume in 2021. To register for these classes, please register here online. Classes are only $ 175.00 for the year 2021-2022. The 1st 25 to registration will only pay $ 75.00.,

Sapphire Butterflies "Scene Teen Magazine"

We are currently looking for youth and tens ages 10-16 to be a part of creating and helping to design their own magazine!

This program will focus on the students creating and designing their own teen magazine.. This program will allow students to learn our edit and discover their creativity. Students will go out and gather news in the community, interview celebrity athletes, our Mayor as well as other students and their peers. By the end of the year 2021, these budding writers will get to show off their magazine as well as be the editor and photographers for our “Project Role Model Fashion Show. Students will start with their magazine after completing their Character Building & Development classes. Our program activities include having a fashion shoot, working on forming and creating their own magazine which will be called “Sapphire Butterflies Teen Scene Magazine”.

Tiffany Blue & Pearls Cotillion/Beautillion


Cotillions are designed to teach young people how to conduct themselves in social situations. The Pink Butterflies & Beau Cotillion/Beautillion After School program will have activities that will teach our youth how to conduct themselves in any social situation. These classes and activities will teach manners and other character building skills. Manners and etiquette will be taught for the formal coming out party. So these classes will be important to have appropriate social skills. Classes are as follows:

  • Character Development

  • Codes of Conduct

  • Developing Social Skills

  • The Power of Good Social Skills

  • First Impressions & Introductions

  • Meeting New People and Making Friends

  • Cell Phone Savvy/High Tech

  • Etiquette Dining

  • Etiquette & Table Manners

On the completion of these classes, the dance classes will follow. The main activity of the cotillion is the formal ball in which each cotillion will participate and be introduced to society. These different type of dance listed below will be taught for the participation of the formal ball at the end of the workshop. Dance classes are taught because the cotillion workshops culminate with a formal ball. The Cotillion is scheduled for December 2018.